Smart Voice for Business

Give your business the cutting edge boost of Smart Communication - an innovative VoiP Business Phone solution that combines 1-1 calling, conferencing, collaboration and so much more - all in one place! Stay connected with your team from near or far for seamless remote collaboration with a truly global communications platform.

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ALL Control in one place

Our unified VoIP business phone system makes communication and collaboration effortless, no matter where you are or what device you're using.


Improve efficiency and effectiveness through better communication whether at work, home, or on the go.

Smartphone App
Give your personal smartphone the power of an office-grade communicator. With a dedicated smart communication mobile application for iOS and Android you can manage calls and messages like a pro – from wherever you are!
Desktop Application
Employees can now enjoy the convenience of on-the-go calls with  desktop client. Whether using a Windows or Mac device, users are able to experience crystal clear calling capabilities from wherever their productivity takes them!
Cross Platform Transfer
With the ability to continue conversations across multiple devices, users can effortlessly start and maintain a dialogue regardless of their platform. Stay connected no matter what device you're using!
Admin Portal
Take full control over the user management from any corner of the world using our streamlined Admin Portal. Enjoy maximum efficiency with its simple and comprehensive interface that allow for full control over your account.
Unlock productivity and streamline communication by taking advantage of our chat functionality with member to member and group messaging along with ability to add unlimited external messaging across any mobile network and more!
Audio Quality
With Smart Communication, crisp and crystal clear audio is guaranteed. Our premium codecs deliver premium sound quality optimized for the best auditory experience possible. Enjoy a seamless experience across wifi and cellular data.
Call Management
With Smart Communication Solution you have a suite of powerful call management features, ranging from automated wait times and priority queuing to customizable call routing. It's the ideal tool for streamlining communications while ensuring each caller receives exceptional service.
Contact Status
Your directory gives you an up-to-date snapshot of your team's availability, so you can quickly find the right person for any task. Stay connected to colleagues and ensure fast response times with just one glance!
Virtual Receptionist
Elevate your customer's experience by providing a unique, personal touch through customizable greetings and tailored hold music. Make their interaction with your business truly memorable!

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